• Django DataTables

    Django app for integration of DataTables jQuery plugin.

  • Django FortuneCookie

    Django models to store everything about fortune cookies. Includes a test fixture to provide data for testing third-party apps.

  • Django Site Utils

    Django management commands and utilities for site-wide actions.

    For now, use the forum to post your comments, suggestions, etc.

  • Django Trails

    Django app for capturing audit trails using model signals.

  • Django-CRUM

    Django CRUM (Current Request User Middleware) captures the current request and user in thread local storage. It enables apps to check permissions, capture audit trails or otherwise access the current request and user without requiring the request object to be passed directly. It also offers a context manager to allow for temporarily impersonating another user....

  • LogMeIn API

    Python implementation of LogMeIn REST API.

  • RS 22-812

    Python library for accessing the serial data from a Radio Shack 22-812 Multimeter.

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